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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Video Is The Only Constant Feb 3rd 2010: Marianna and Daniel O’Reilly

Royal Male or Coppola’s Spyglass, 2009, UK, 11'

In ‘Coppola’s Spyglass or Royal Male’ we try to merge analytical and impulsive, libidinal energy of the creative process investigating the so called ‘woman’s question’. We have attempted to critique the cultural, historical and symbolic role that women appropriate, desire and are assigned in society, the clichés and definitions associated with the feminine and the role that language plays in the creation of gender. Our concern was to investigate what type of language a woman could define for herself as an individual and whether existing language could facilitate the enhancement of individuals regardless of sex.

Marianna was born in Russia and Daniel in the UK. Having met undertaking their Master Degrees in Fine Art in London (Royal Academy of Arts and Chelsea College of Art respectively) they have developed multi-media installations, published artist’s books, participated and curated art exhibitions, screenings, debates and performances.

Since 2008 they have worked exclusively in video using their relationship as the basis for a series of protracted studies on subjectivity. These symposia focus primarily on the relationship between human freedom and individuality, the operations of self-deception, frustration and alienation, and a critical re-examination of identity. By employing a variety of incognitos and pseudonyms to articulate conflicting points of view, they have attempted to produce a synthetic reality occupied exclusively by these characters, placing them in extreme situations in which the dynamics of force and freedom enter into a critical relation.


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