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Monday, 26 April 2010

She's really clever and intelligent but she kinda like failed her GCSE's

Insightful, painful and humorous.

Mum, I heart you but...'now go in and make me my dinner'.

Behold, Gillian Wearing's '2 Into 1'.
The short video projection 2 into 1 (1997) features a mother and her two sons, one generation lip-synching the dubbed words of the other.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Video Is The Only Constant @ Corsica Studios - April 7th 2010

The Only Constant 20100407 Catalog

Video Is The Only Constant April 7th 2010: Wiracha Daochai

'Meditation', UK/Thailand, 6:00

Meditation is mind contemplation. A holy Buddhist monk is approaching death with a contemplated mind and eventually comes to the conclusion of his spiritual journey, even when he encounters the sacred sin of commitment suicide.

Wiracha Daochai:
"I spent my childhood as a Buddhist monk for 8 years. During which time, I had to meditate for 8 hours per day. I had to imagine one circle in my body and looked fixedly at it. My master told me, Buddha said that meditation is process of mind into wisdom. In this state of my life, I seriously question this process and really want to show this piece to both Buddha and my master."