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Hello all and welcome to The Only Constant video collective blog. We are The Only Constant, a collective of emerging video and filmmakers based in London. Our ethos is to challenge visual taboos and create forward thinking moving images. Our aim? To rant, rave and INSPIRE.

If you would like to get involved in the discussions on our blog, get involved in our collective or submit work for our Video Is The Only Constant screening and open discussion evenings at Corsica Studios please contact us on: theonlyconstant@ymail.com

Friday, 18 December 2009

Last wednesday a rom com saved my life

A bit of poor blogging on my part......I wrote the following on my other blog and thought as its film related that I should put it up here too....

Its a Wednesday night and I’ve spent the past week completely rushed off my well heeled feet, so much so, the other day I actually fell over as I was so exhausted! I was concealed under some shrubbery for about 2 mins concerned about where the hell my shoes flew off to during my decent into the wild shrubbery of a London alleyway. It was a pretty comical way to end the night I must say and to think I was more concerned over my shoes than the gash on my knee, ughhh I hate to think this says a lot about me...anyways if I lost my darn shoes I'll be walking around London bare foot which you will have to agree is not ideal in this weather. Anyways...yes it's a Wednesday night and I think to myself I have got to get away from the computer, all day working, working, working (which I have to admit as much as I complain...I actually enjoy), I digress AGAIN...so its a Wednesday night...I finally tear myself away from the computer and decide to sit down and watch a film. A pretty normal way to end the day relaxing eh? So I decide to go all 'Bridget Jones' on myself and watch a rom com and I ain't your rom com kinda gal, AT ALL. Yep, I have actually spent the last 1 hour and 30 minutes of my life watching some hybrid of Four Weddings, My best Friends Wedding and Pretty Woman. I imagine that was the exact pitch the producer used to sell the film as well...'it's gonna be a hit' etc etc. And I put my hands up...I enjoyed it. Yes, this hard arsed Bird enjoyed a rom com AND i was happy the guy and the girl got in on and will live happily ever after. I even found myself smiling at the end of the film, COMPLETELY INVOLUNTARILY I may add! Shock, followed by complete horror.

Am I a romantic at heart?! Or has my judgment been severely impaired by lack of sleep????

Ok, so there isn't much intellectual deep rooted symbolism over whether Richard Gere gets with the sex worker or if Hugh Grant gets with the hot American Lady or whether Julia Roberts does what ever she needs to do at her best friend's wedding but I have to admit, I just spent the last 90 mins of my life hooked on whether the chick from Will and Grace was gonna get with the guy from My Best Friends Wedding in another rom com flick about a single woman attending her sister's wedding with a male escort to make her ex fiancé jealous (fiancé is also best man at said wedding). Hmmm I see a rom com pattern here..... Complete plagrism aside, I don't care that whoever wrote the screenplay for this film is a rip off merchant, all I care about is whether or not I was entertained AND I was entertained. I was entertained by the sheer cringiness of it and the complete brazen approach to constructing a storyline based on our stereotypical outlook on love and relationships. We're all aware that something as intimate and complex as forming human connections is the most beautiful and at times destructive part of our human instinct but simplifying a complex connection like this in someway leaves people feeling hopeful in a sense. It lulls us into a state of euphoria, even for a moment. Everything with the world seems so much more simple and clean cut in films like this. The biggest problem is whether or not the bride will get jilted and not whether she can pay her bills or feed the kids.

I disengaged my brain for an hour and a half and why not? We’re all allowed our guilty pleasures and I was entertained and in some ways felt cleansed by the complete escape from reality.

I think I’m going to sleep easy tonight knowing the chick from Will and Grace got with her male escort and more than anything…I find this pretty surreal...

Rom com hell, heaven, hell, heaven?

Whatever, I'm off to dream about male escorts and weddings now. Night, night.


Saturday, 12 December 2009

Submit your Video's to creative review for Annual 2010

Creative Review are looking for entries for there 2010 Annual, deadline is 2 weeks from now so be quick,

(however, i just realized its £100 to submit)

Creative Review Annual 2010 Submission

Friday, 11 December 2009

Calling all Video Artists

Wasted Spaces is currently looking for talented video artists for a temporary art wall in Wembley, London.

deadline: December 23, 2009


Art Video Screening 2010

Call for entries

deadline: March 5, 2010
categories: Video art (single channel only)


Athens Video Art Festival 2010

Call for entries

deadline: 15th February 2010
categories : Video Art, Animation, Video Installation, Installation, Digital Image, Web Art, Performance Art



Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Speaking of inspirations...

to read:
Expanded Cinema, Gene Youngblood

to watch online:
Man With A Movie Camera, Dziga Vertov
Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky
Begotten, E. Elias Merhige
Stereo, David Cronenberg

Salon Video Art Prize is taking submissions...


Deadline is Saturday the 23rd of January


So it begins...

The Only Constant have joined forces with Corsica Studios to hold monthly screening and open discussion evenings at this great venue throughout 2010!



We are The Only Constant, a collective of emerging video and filmmakers based in London. Our ethos is to challenge visual taboos and create forward thinking moving images. Our aim? To rant, rave and INSPIRE.

The Only Constant have joined forces with Corsica Studios for the monthly screening event ‘VIDEO IS THE ONLY CONSTANT’. A new night of screenings followed by open discussions surrounding the realm of moving imagery!


Each month we are in search of fascinating videos and films of any genre up to 10 minutes in length that urge the spectator to think beyond the confines of the proverbial ‘box’. Each artist involved is invited to talk about their work and respond to feedback from spectators. We want to know what has inspired you to create your work, what you aim to achieve with your moving imagery and ultimately understand the very essence behind your CREATION! Every evening will become an open discussion in which EVERYONE is invited!


Please send your thoughts, inspirations and video links to…theonlyconstant@ymail.com

The deadline for video and film submissions is MONDAY 11TH JANUARY.


One of the reasons why I got involved with The Only Constant and wanted to help set the group up was because I felt that there was a need to help create a forum in which everyone within this field could feel inspired to make work, discuss and inspire. Video Is The Only Constant is an extention of this idea and a way of realising this urge. Artists who show work during the evening will be invited to talk about their inspirations behind their work and be involved in an open discussion with everyone at the event. We want this to become a melting pot of ideas!

Everyday new ideas are coming into fruition and expanded upon whereby we aim to make Video Is The Only Constant, a continually evolving event. Video Is The Only Constant is an evening that moves with the flow and the constant groove of the artists involved. We want this to be an evening that will be conducive in creating an atmosphere and community where people feel inspired to CREATE!



Sunday, 6 December 2009

Nick Cross - Yellow Cake

I recently stumbled upon some animation by Nick Cross and was very impressed. There is also another finished work of his online at Vimeo.

Film by award-winning animator, Nick Cross. 'Yellow Cake' is a lamentable tragedy mixed full of pleasant mirth.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Informal Screening

Hey all,

Tentative date for an informal meet up and screening before Christmas. I thought this would be good as I and others have not really had a chance to see everyone's work, at least not beyond the internet. So let me know if this date works for yall. Friday the 11th.

The address is:

B8 22 Smeed Road
The Old Peanut Factory
Fish Island
E3 2NR

It is in a nice large warehouse space filled with friendlys in Hackney Wick so plenty of seating, a projector, sound system, perhaps even mince pies and mulled wine too.

And even directions!

closest station is Bow Road (20 min walk) - turn right on exit, walk down bow road until you get to Bow Church DLR (about 5 min) then head down fairfield road, past roman road, right up until old ford road then turn right (you'll see a church in front of you that sells catering equipment) then take the footbridge over the motorway. After this turn right up by the Big Yellow Storage Comany (HUGE big yellow building) then keep going till you see a blue metal arch which says 'Greenway' on the opposite side of the street. Go down the stairs under the arch, walk along dace road for a couple of minutes and you will be at smeed road, phew! you need to go through the blue door 22 into the courtyard and you will HEAR US. VERY LOUDLY. wooo!

closest DLR is Bow Church (15 min walk) - directions as above from the DLR bit!
OR... Pudding Mill Lane (10 min walk) - head straight along the greenway past the olympic site until you get to the blue 'Greenway' archway, which is at the end to can't go wrong, then head down the steps, as above.

buses are probably the easiest....
NO. 8 - get off at Parnell Road (which actually stops on Old Ford Road) then walk over the motorway footbridge. After this turn right up by the Big Yellow Storage Comany (HUGE big yellow building) then keep going till you see a blue metal arch which says 'Greenway' on the opposite side of the street. Go down the stairs under the arch, walk along dace road for a couple of minutes and you will be at smeed road. This only takes about 5 mins. NO. 8 is also a NIGHT BUS!!! yay. this is handy.

NO. 339 - get off at Fish Island (last stop) and head up by the Big Yellow Storage Comany etc.

NO.s 276 and 488 - get off at Monier Road. Head down towards the building yards and over the roundabout until you get to Dace Road (2 mins). Walk down dace road and smeed road will be on your left.

NO. 25 - get off at Bow Church DLR and follow directions as above. 25 is also a NIGHT BUS. woop!

get of at Hackney Wick then walk south down the motorway until you get to Fish Island roundabout, then turn into Dace Road, then Smeed Road is on your left.

and here is a map too....

Tuesday, 1 December 2009



I'll be taking part in RART's 5-day 'art-party' @ WORK DALSTON, Gillet St N16 8JH, next week! On the 9th December I will be doing a 'sound' talk which will be followed by a performance by the electronic project I'm part of, EVE BLACK/ EVE WHITE www.myspace.com/eveblackevewhite

Talk from 7.15pm and performance at 9pm!

The very next evening will the launch party for another music project I'm involved with, An Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump. It's a party celebrating the release of our new EP 'BUY A LIFE' at The Victoria in Mile End. We will be supported by Veronica Falls and Battant and there will be djs and dancing until the wee hours!!! Come join in on the fun!!!

Be great if you can make it along!!!