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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Video Is The Only Constant Feb 3rd 2010: Morgan Beringer

Morgan Beringer, Abstraction 27, 2009, UK, 5'43

Morgan Beringer is an American video artist based in East London. Having spent and continuing to spend much of his life in transit between different countries, the thrust of his creative concern stems from the dilemma of living in-between cultures. An academic background in both philosophy and art pushes these concerns further into the realms of linguistics, performance, and film/video art.

Strongly influenced by early Structuralist filmmakers, (such as Michael Snow, Kurt Kren, etc.) Wittgenstein, and Gaspar Noe's film Enter the Void, Morgan's abstract work explores the expressive possibilities of the middle ground between still and moving images as a revelatory experience of aesthetic and linguistic ambiguity. An ongoing series of what will be sixty-four short films, the abstractions are constructed entirely of still photographs that are then melded to give form to the movements between each image rather than the image itself. They frequently use photographs referencing mass media, spirituality, and the landscape.

His other projects revolve around similar themes and media, studying movement to reveal the conceptual spaces between forms. He has exhibited in various creative contexts across the UK, America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and Hong Kong.

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