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Monday, 22 February 2010

Video Is The Only Constant March 3rd 2010: David Terranova and James Mountford

Afterlife (a requiem), 2009, UK, 3'40

A view of life, death and the afterlife, with Nick Cave's son Jethro and his girlfriend Sophie Willing each performing on two separate sets at the same time, using a projector to blend the two sets into one. An experimentation of light and shadows. Wonderland magazine approached James to make this piece for them. With a basic idea of shooting a model with projected images James asked David to bring his video skills into the mix, and working on the idea together lead them to the concept of using two characters, one of which being projected onto the other in real time.

James Mountford - “British born, I started taking photos while living in Italy. Since returning to London I have shot for a range of magazines including Dazed and Confused, Dansk, Wonderland, Elle, Tank, i-D.”


David Terranova - Born in Rome to an Italian father and English mother. After moving to London at the age of 16 I became a Flash Developer working at various advertising agencies around London building websites and games for large gaming and film brands. Three years ago I started a web-video series called RebelRave.tv, an artistic reportage view of the parties and music of an underground international record label. This lead me into making more video promos for other musicians and lately for fashion related content, often experimenting with the relationship between sound and vision.


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