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Monday, 22 February 2010

Video Is The Only Constant March 3rd 2010: Amy Brooks

With CD Ride you are the star, hijacked!, 2009, UK, loop

A theme park ride is displaced by two masked, stocking-balaclava-bandits! The Ride is literally and abstractly hijacked; stolen and reclaimed illustratively as well as conceptually. A jarring occurrence is captured, caused by disrupting the absurd excepted norm of theme park rides with a subversive act of interception. The footage parodies the hyper real of the everyday and in doing so begins to unravel the bigger facade; Hanging on the idea that theme parks are more real than 'reality' itself, as they do not claim to be any more than a lie.

A further hijacking, occurs within the technical production of this art work. Whereby the novelty/ souvenir footage, which automatically records the ride day-in-day-out, has captured this performative stir. The 'ready-made' evidence has been appropriated, hacked, re-hashed, and put into slow-mo. These consciously DIY inflictions footprint extra perversions onto the kitsch novelty home movie. This not only further enforces the feeling of uncanny and unlocks themes of hyper-reality, but also blurs the line of artistic authorship and craft. Thus becoming part of the 'internet-video' soup, situating the film inside and outside of the world it seeks to 'un-mask!'"

Amy Brooks - “Using varied methods of realisation and superficial ‘surfaces’ my practice hints at a life of lies, banality, poetry and hyper-reality. Rules, boundaries and philosophy thrown up by existing conventions govern my practice. I recontextualise and reorder kitsch social artifacts in order to reveal poetic truisms about our times."

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